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IntroductionArtificial General Intelligence (AGI) – the tech world’s latest buzzword and potential harbinger of dystopian sci-fi tropes. But hey, who doesn’t love robots capable of thinking like humans? The only issue is that we’d like them more on the friendly side, rather than the “destroy-all-humans” type. […]
We at Valyrian Tech are excited to announce the launch of our first Python package: ipfs_dict_chain! This package includes IPFSDict and IPFSDictChain objects, which are dictionary-like data structures that store their state on IPFS (InterPlanetary File System) and track changes. This creates a mini-blockchain of dicts […]

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Wouter Glorieux


Driven by a fascination for breakthrough technologies, I strive to create a transformative impact on the world with Valyrian Tech’s AI and blockchain innovations.


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Solutions Enabled through Responsive Empathy, Novelty, and Dynamic Interactions Proving Intelligence and Thoughtful Yields.

Serendipity is an AGI with many personas, including Grace, our virtual spokesperson.

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