Welcome to Valyrian Tech, home of the Bitcoin Spellbook platform. The main goal of this open souce platform is to reduce the barrier to entry for anyone who wants to create an app on top of the Bitcoin blockchain. Making the back-end of any application is a daunting task and Bitcoin comes with its own set of problems such as having to run a full node and learning the technical stuff how to interact with a blockchain.

The Bitcoin Spellbook can retrieve data from multiple blockexplorers so you don't need to run your own Bitcoin node. It also offers easy to configure 'triggers' and 'actions' so you don't need to know the technical details about Bitcoin. More complicated things can be done by writing a custom python script.

Bitcoin Spellbook

Magic Spells for Magic Internet Money

The Bitcoin Spellbook is an Open Source, configurable REST API that serves as the back-end of any Bitcoin application or website you can imagine. It is a bit similar to IfThisThenThat but for Bitcoin. You can define triggers that activate when certain conditions are met which will then run a python script and/or predefined action(s).

For example:

  • When an address receives a certain amount, send a bitcoin transaction to one or more addresses, optionally including a OP_RETURN output.

  • Run a python script when the Bitcoin blockchain reaches a certain blockheight.

  • Listen to newly broadcasted transactions and run some command when an specific address receives or sends a transaction.

  • Define HTTP GET or POST endpoints to interact with the front-end of your app.

  • And many more possibilities!

There are many types of triggers and actions already available, and more will be added over time.

Check out the Github repository for more information!

Apps powered by The Bitcoin Spellbook


Record any message on the Bitcoin blockchain in an OP_RETURN output of a transaction.

For example: you could use this to record the hash of a file so you can prove the file existed at a certain time.

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The Bitcoin Spellbook is Open Source, so you can use it to create your own Bitcoin powered application completely free!

If you want to save some time and effort, you can hire Valyrian Tech to develop the back-end of your application.

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