Like many in the Bitcoin community I hold libertarian beliefs and dream of a world where everything is decentralized. As a Bitcoin developer, I hope to make my contribution to that cause. I have plenty of ideas for blockchain technology and I’m getting new ideas faster than I can realise them.

The purpose of Valyrian Tech is to create software that lets any group of individuals, even if they don’t know each other, form decentralized companies where profits are shared fairly based on each one's contribution.

The first step along this path is a collection of blockchain tools, called “The Bitcoin Spellbook”. I wrote these tools for myself because I will need them in future projects.

The code is fully functional, but still in beta. It needs to be battle tested before I build further upon it so I’m making these tools available to everyone.


My name is Wouter Glorieux and I’m a 33 year old programmer who has been coding for most of his life, both professionally as well as a hobby. I have a bachelor's degree in applied informatics and the first 8 years of my career I worked as a system administrator and ERP developer.

But now I want to focus more on my own ideas and projects. That is why I’m embarking on the next chapter of my professional life by founding this venture called Valyrian Tech. If that name sounds familiar, then you probably already guessed I’m also a big Game of Thrones fan.

I have been slightly obsessed with Bitcoin since 2011, spending way too much time learning everything I can about Bitcoin. I’m one of the people behind the Ghent Bitcoin City project,  where we have been able to convince a bunch of merchants to start accepting Bitcoin. We are also hosting a regular meetup in Ghent.


PROJECT MERAXES: The Bitcoin Spellbook

This is a collection of Bitcoin APIs and webservices titled “The Bitcoin Spellbook”

It will be the main way my future projects will interact with the Bitcoin blockchain.

The code is ready for testing and is available on Github.